Friday, January 3, 2014

Unnatural by Michael Griffo

8686026Michael thought is life would forever be stuck in Weeping Waters. Until one day his father shows up and gives a way out. Moving to England, Michael is ready for his life to get better. And it does.

At his new school, Archangel Academy, Michael joins the swim team and makes new friends. He finds that at Archangel, he can finally be himself.

Ronan is the boy that Michael is instantly drawn to. Ronan is smart, athletic, and seems to be the man of Michael's dreams. But Ronan has secrets, and not everything is what it seems at Archangel Academy.

Enchanting story about two boys falling in the love and the darkness wanting to tare them apart. 5 stars of mist.

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

6380822One night, Grace Divine's older brother collapsed on the porch. He was drenched in his own blood. His best friend had disappeared that same night. But no one could actually know the monstrous secret of that night.

Years later, after trying to bury the memories of that night and Daniel, Daniel returns to town.

Her father, the town's pastor, who is kind to everyone, even the man that almost killed him, turns Daniel away. Her brother, Jude, will barely look at Daniel. Jude warns her to stay away. But she is drawn to Daniel.

The closer they get, the more Grace's life is put in danger. And the closer she gets to finding out what did happen that night.

A beautifully dark novel about love, loss, and family secrets. With each chapter comes more mystery and a surprise ending no one will see coming. 5 stars carved out of bark.

The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell

17465485 A pet once loved by a human child when they die they wake up in Sylver. There, they all live in peace. Cats, dogs, bears, foxes, wolves, rabbits, and moles. But just because there is peace, doesn't mean someone doesn't try to change that peace.

When the peace threatened, the Twistrose is called upon.

Meet Lin Rosenquist. Smart, cunning, adventurous. A few weeks ago, her pet, a red-back mole named Rufus, died. One night, a mysterious package arrives for her. Inside, a key that unlocks a doorway to Sylver. There, she is reunited with Rufus.

While Sylver seems like a dream come true, darkness lurks just beyond the borders; maybe even within.

A beautiful story full of adventure, mystery, and magic. I loved it. This book may say for middle-school, but I believe it to magical for all ages. Great for a winter read or any over time of the year. I give 5 stars.