Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Private School Murders - James Patterson

17333276 Blood.... Skin.... Murder.... Tandy Angel is back on the case in The Private School Murders. Her brother on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Tandy focuses all her attention on proving his innocence. But distractions emerge in the form of a serial killer.

Young prep school girls are turning up dead. While the police are doing their best, Tandy can see that they heading in the wrong direction. So, of course she takes up looking into the cases herself. Then enter the wild and lose lizards and critters crawling around the Dakota.

As Tandy struggles to work three cases at once, she must question her own memories. Memories of a boy she knew long ago. Memories seem to switch between love and abandon. Between heartbreak and brainwash.

Her home infested, about to be evicted, girls her age dropping dead, and her brother about to be convicted; can Tandy really solve all these cases?

5 stars for this action-packed page-turner. The Private School Murders cannot be missed. 

Splintered - A.G. Howard

12558285  "He starts to hum, a haunting melody. No words ride the music, only the familiar notes of a forgotten song." - A.G. Howard, Splintered.

A girl, who has spent her entire life believing her mother is crazy and that she herself is also crazy, discovers that the voices in her head may be more real than imagined. To Wonderland, she ventures, searching for the evidence to prove her mother's sanity. But Wonderland is a land of mystery and wonder. What Alyssa do when she discovers that the story may not be as acquirite as she thought.

"No one knows what he or she is capable of until things are at their darkest." - A.G. Howard, Splintered

Are you curious enough to dive down the rabbit hole? Or shall I give a you a push?

"These are my masterpieces... my morbid mosaics." - A.G. Howard, Splintered

A beautifully, whimsical, modern tale of Alice In Wonderland. Splintered receives 5 glowing blue stars.

"I ache to cry... ache so much, it takes my breath away." - A.G. Howard, Splintered